Slow developing natural dyes

Our natural dyes harness the energy of sunlight to develop into beautiful, rich colors that are a pleasure to wear. Mogu’s natural dyes are made from indigenous plants nourished by Taiwan’s water, air and sunlight. We work closely with artisans who raise the plants used in our dyes, harvest their branches and leaves and turn them into rich pigments. The dyeing process requires a lot of care and is very time consuming. Fabric is first soaked in a dye bath and then laid out in the sun in order to allow the dyes to develop. Then the material is thoroughly washed to remove extra pigment. This painstaking process is repeated many, many times until the colors finally bloom into their full potential and loveliness.

Our ancestors were able to take a wide variety of materials, including soil, ashes or seawater, and turn them into mordants to set dyes for every piece of clothing that their families wore. Even today, the art of natural dyeing has a unique ability to represent the beauty of a slow-paced lifestyle. Modern life is filled with conveniences and shortcuts, but it is important to take a step back from time to time. Many of the things that we once did by hand are now being replaced by technology, which makes it even more vital to preserve traditional crafts. Mogu hopes to ensure that natural dyeing will continue to be a part of our daily lives.

Washing Instructions for your natural-dyed fabric

  • Before wearing your garment the first time, wash it in clean   water to remove any excess dye.
  • To hand-wash, use a mild, natural detergent...but don't rub your garment hard!
  • To machine-wash, place your garment in a nesting-bag, and use
    a gentle cycle.
  • To preserve its natural color, never rub the garment hard and do
    not dry it in direct sun.